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Internal Funding Opportunities

Bernard Lown Award for Excellence in Teaching at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
The Bernard Lown Award for Excellence in Teaching at Brigham and Women’s Hospital was established in January 2010 to celebrate physicians who are outstanding clinical teachers. The winner must be a member of the Harvard faculty with a principal appointment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the instructor, assistant professor or associate professor level, across all departments for achievement of outstanding clinical teaching of students, house staff and fellows. The award winner will receive a $1500 cash award, $5000 to be used within three years of the award for CME or career development activities and a copy of Dr. Bernard Lown’s book, The Lost Art of Healing: Practicing Compassion in Medicine.

HMS Academy Fellowships in Medical Education
This endowed, competitive program seeks to develop and enhance the fellows’ analytical skills as medical education researchers and teaching skills as medical educators. Each fellow applies with a project to be completed during the fellowship year which is designed to contribute to the quality of medical education at HMS.

Rabkin Fellowship in Medical Education
The fellowship was established in 1998 to provide faculty with an opportunity to develop the expertise and skills needed to launch or advance academic careers in medical education and/or academic administration. The Rabkin Fellowship is open to all faculty with a primary appointment at Harvard Medical School and who currently teach at HMS or a Harvard-affiliated institution.

The Charles Hatem Award for Faculty Development in Medical Education at Harvard Medical School
This award will be presented to an HMS faculty member of any rank who has made a significant contribution to training other faculty to teach, to provide leadership and/or to conduct research in medical education over the past several years. The Academy will present the award at the annual Teaching Awards Ceremony.

External Funding Opportunities

Aetna Foundation
Contributions are made in the health field, specific inquiries should be made to (860) 273‐0123. Awards granted to nonprofit organizations whose main mission is to enhance the quality of health care.

American Educational Research Association
AERA provides small grants and training for researchers who conduct studies of education policy and practice using quantitative methods and including the analysis of data from the large‐scale data sets sponsored by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Association of American Medical Colleges
The mission of the Section for Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) within the AAMC is to enhance the quality of research in medical education and to promote its application to educational practice.

The Donaghue Medical Research Foundation
Exists to promote the advancement of medical knowledge of practical benefit to human life. Through the Clinical and Community Health Issues program, the Foundation funds clinical, behavioral and other health‐related research projects that address the major medical conditions and social problems influencing the health of individuals, groups and communities.

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Professorship Program
The purpose of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Professorship Program (“Gold Professorships”) is to promote the importance of humanistic medicine and the values of professionalism in medical education. The goal of the award is to honor and support faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor level who embody these attributes through clinical practice, teaching, and scholarship including research and curriculum development. Award recipients $50,000 per year for a three year period.

International Education Research Foundation
Supporting research for the evaluation of foreign academic credentials, promoting the integration of students, scholars and professionals holding non‐U.S.. academic credentials into the United States, facilitating the publication and dissemination of the results of the research and encouraging the exchange of information about educational systems.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers several grant opportunities directed towards promoting health and improving health delivery. The foundation funds program and policy initiatives in the areas of: health systems, healthy children, healthy communities, and health leadership.

Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation
The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the public by advancing the education and training of health professionals. The foundation is focused on projects including: interprofessional education and teamwork, new curriculum content, new models for clinical education, education for the care of undeserved populations, and career development.

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education
Grants awarded to educational programs that demonstrate potential to improve patient care and health outcomes. Grantees: medical education programs, scientific conferences, development of health care publications, and other educational and scientific activities. Also programs involving patient education and community‐related activities, such as health fairs and screening programs. Grant proposals must identify specific projects or activities, or a series of programs that occur over a specified period of time for which funding is requested.

Spencer Foundation
The Spencer Foundation is intended to investigate ways in which education can be improved around the world. The Foundation believes that research is necessary to the improvement in education and is committed to supporting high-quality investigation of education.

Stemmler Fund
The goal of the Stemmler Fund is to provide support for research or development of innovative assessment approaches that will enhance the evaluation of those preparing to, or continuing to, practice medicine. Expected outcomes include advances in the theory, knowledge, or practice of assessment at any point along the continuum of medical education, from undergraduate and graduate education and training, through practice. Past award recipients received funding of $150,000.00 for one to two years.

External Funding Databases

The PIVOT database comprises a myriad of international funding opportunities. When registering to use the site, be sure to select ‘Harvard University’ as your affiliated institution and utilize your or e-mail address.

Funds grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts that support the advancement of fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems to meet the NIH mission of extending healthy life and reducing the burdens of illness and disability. Award grants specifically for research, as well as support for research‐related activities, including: construction, training, career development, conferences, resource grants and more. hosts a wealth of information on more than a thousand funding opportunities from the federal government.


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