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Led by our Senior BWH Educators, the goal of the BEI Back to Basics of Medical Education series is to introduce and reinforce the basic principles of medical education and educational theory to a broad and diverse audience.  Watch one of our elearning videos below.

This session, led by Bob Boland, MD, Vice Chair for Education, Department of Psychiatry, highlighted the importance of understanding your learner, before you teach.

Effective Teaching at the Bedside
This session, led by Joel Katz, MD, Vice Chair for Education, Department of Medicine, highlighted methods for teaching effectively in the clinical environment. Please come back soon to view the eLearning video from this session.


Curriculum Design and Development
This session, led by Erik Alexander, MD, Executive Director, BEI, and Charles ‘Chuck’ Pozner, MD, Director, STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation, highlighted methods for effectively designing and developing a new educational curriculum.


The Basic Methods of Teaching – Pedagogy
This session, led by Tracey Milligan, MD, Vice Chair for Education, Department of Neurology, and Martin Samuels, MD, Chairman, Department of Neurology highlighted the pedagogy of teaching and covered basic methods in effective medical education.


Assessing and Evaluating the Learner 
This session, led by Elizabeth Breen, MD, Clerkship Director, Department of Surgery, and Stanley Ashley, MD, Chief Medical Officer, highlighted different methods of assessing and evaluating your learners.

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