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The BWH Undergraduate Faculty Committee is an inter-departmental group of HMS and BWH course and clerkship directors committed to training the next generation of medical leaders.  Led by Dr. Erik Alexander, the committee meets once a month discuss issues related to curriculum and policy changes.

Department of Anesthesia
Jen McSweeney, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine
Kathleen Wittels, MD

Department of Medicine
Erik Alexander, MD – Director
Becky Cunningham, MD
Vivian Mitchell, MD
Nora Osman, MD

Department of Neurology
Ellen Bubrick, MD
Tracey Milligan, MD
Jamie Stankiewicz, MD

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nicki Johnson, MD

Department of Palliative Care Medicine
Kristen Schaefer, MD

Department of Psychiatry
Gaston Baslet, MD
Montie Meyer, MD
Heather Vestal, MD

Department of Radiology
Don Di Salvo, MD
Sarah Durfee, MD
Angela Giardino, MD

Department of Surgery
Reza Askari, MD
Lisa Breen, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital, Department of Medicine
Vinny Chiang, MD

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