Brigham and Women's 1963 Time Capsule

Inside the Brigham and Women's Hospital 1963 Time Capsule is a tape recording of a musical play the Brigham staff put on for their 50th anniversary. Below are two of the songs:


"Peg in My Heart" 

Spoofs the famous PBBH heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Harken. In 1960 he performed the first aortic valve replacement using a caged-ball mechanical prosthesis. 

"Bobby, Can You Spare a Dime"

Spoofs the fundraising efforts of Honorary Chairman and Trustee of the Brigham, General Robert Cutler. He was a philanthropist, a lawyer, a military man, and was the first ever National Security Advisor for a US President. He also wrote a couple of romance novels. His brother, Elliott Cutler, MD, was the PBBH’s 2nd Surgeon-in-Chief.


If you would like to hear the entire play contact the BWH Archivist at: