Let’s Talk Brigham Med-Ed Research

The Brigham Education Institute highlights Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s educators and their medical education accolades, through short Q&A sessions. Through these interviews we hope to share the great achievements occurring in medical education today.


Episode 9
JUL 2020 | 6 MIN

Virtual Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Zaid Almarzooq

COVID-19 Virtual Learning

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Episode 8
JUN 2020 | 8 MIN

Interprofessional Medical Education w/ Dr. Rebecca Sternschein

Interprofessional Education

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Episode 7
APR 2020 | 13 MIN

Performance Coaching for Practicing Surgeons w/ Dr. Jason Pradarelli

Let's Talk Brigham Med-Ed Research

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Episode 6
FEB 2020 | 7 MIN

Reducing Burnout Among Radiology Trainees with Dr. Matt Haber

Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology

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Episode 5
JAN 2020 | 6 MIN

A Flipped Classroom in GME with Dr. Rachel Blair

Clinical Teacher

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Episode 3
NOV 2019 | 7 MIN

The Role of the Arts in Medical Education with Dr. Joel Katz

Journal of Medical Humanities

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Episode 2
NOV 2019 | 5 MIN

Best Practices in Teaching Endoscopy Based on a Delphi Survey with Dr. Navin Kumar

Clinical Gastroenterology & Hepatology

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