The Brigham Education Institute is committed to advancing educational research within our community. We provide resources for navigating the Partners and Harvard IRB process, biostatistics consultation services, literary reviews and funding opportunities.

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The BWH Center for Clinical Investigation’s Biostatistics Consulting Services are available to investigators in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School research community for statistical consulting on issues such as study design and data analysis for manuscripts and grant applications. The Biostatistics Consulting Service hosts weekly office hours and offers a Biostatistics Education Program consisting of several short courses each year.

The BWH Medical Library provides access to electronic resources, including books and academic journals. Library staff are also available for consultations regarding literary reviews on topics relevant to educational research.

Please note that you must be logged in behind the Partners firewall to access BWH Medical Library resources.

The BEI’s Educational Funding page lists a broad range of grant opportunities for medical educators within our community of academic medicine.

The HMS Academy Office of Education Research provides resources for investigators pursuing education research, information about their new Research Fellowship, and instructions on how to schedule a consultation on your research ideas or works in progress.

The Countway Library provides instruction in sophisticated search methods using multiple sources including PubMed/MEDLINE, Embase, Web of Science, and many others. Countway staff also train individuals in bibliographic management methods using EndNote and RefWorks. Countway provides training in tools for biological analysis through the C3 collaboration.  For more information and scheduling, see our class calendar. For classes on bioinformatic concepts and techniques, visit the Harvard Catalyst Genetics and Bioinformatics courses web page.

The Mass General Brigham Institutional Review Boards (IRB)

The MGB Institutional Review Boards (IRB) must approve all human subject research conducted by a Mass General Brigham-affiliated investigator. The IRB follows written policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations and local laws governing the protection of human subjects of research. The IRB has also developed written guidance documents that represent the current requirements and approach to various aspects of human research. For more information, contact

The Harvard Longwood Campus Institutional Review Board (HLC IRB)

The Harvard Longwood Campus Institutional Review Board (HLC IRB) is responsible for the review and oversight of human research conducted by faculty, staff, and students of Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. For assistance, please read the Department Selection on an IRB Application Tip Sheet. If you need additional help, email

 This one-page Basics of Medical Education Research & Publishing reference guide was created by Dr. Helen Shields and Jane Hayward and presented during a BEI Programmatic Session.