Feedback as Learning Conversations

2024 MAR 21
Thursday, Mar 21, 2024, 12:00pm - Thursday, Mar 21, 2024, 01:00pm
BEI Knowledge Center Thorn Bldg. 127D

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Join us for this 3-part series: Navigating Learner Challenges

Part 3 of the Navigating Learner Challenges Series
“Feedback as Learning Conversations”

Feedback conversations are complex social interactions that require a supportive learning environment, conducive professional relationships, direct observation of learners and bidirectional communication between teachers and learners. Educators should establish a psychologically safe space and apply coaching skills so that learners can reflect on their performance and achieve desired goals. When learners are fully engaged in this process, feedback seeking, receptivity and acceptance could also be enhanced and thus lead to professional growth.

In Part 3 of the ‘Navigating Learner Challenges’ series, we will:
1. Redefine feedback from feedback recipients’ perspective
2. Discuss the importance of feedback literacy
3. Analyze the concept of “learning conversations”
4. Formulate feedback strategies that apply coaching principles

Presented by:
Subha Ramani, MBBS, PhD
President of AMEE
Assistant Director Global Perspectives & Community, BEI
Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS

*Lunch will be provided. This event will be located in the BEI Knowledge Center, Thorn Building 1st Floor Rm 127 next to the Mail Room.