Erik Alexander, MD

Director Of Brigham And Women’s Undergraduate Medical Education And The PCE

Executive Director Of The Brigham Education Institute

Professor Of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Department Of Medicine – Endocrinology

Career Advising, Feedback And Communication,  Administration And Leadership, Teaching Skills – Hospital, EdTech – Simulation

Medical School: Northwestern...
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Erik K. Alexander, MD, FACP

Vice President of Education, Brigham Health

Executive Director, Brigham Education Institute

Associate Dean, BWH Undergraduate Medical Education & Harvard Medical School, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Erik serves as the executive director of the BEI, and HMS Associate Dean for Medical Education (BWH).  He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University & Northwestern University Medical School, and he...
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Stanley Ashley, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Brigham And Women’s Hospital

Senior Vice President For Clinical Affairs, Brigham And Women’s Hospital

Frank Sawyer Professor Of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Department Of Surgery – GI And General Surgery

Career Advising, Feedback And Communication, Assessment And Evaluation, Education Course Design, Pedagogical Skills, Medical Education Research...

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Reza Askari, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Director, Surgical Intensive Care And Acute Care Surgery Fellowship

Associate Trauma Director

Director Of Surgery Clerkship, Brigham And Women’s Hospital

Career Advising, Feedback and Communication, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Course Design...
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