Virtual Education

Virtual Education Series

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted medical education and how Virtual learning tools have closed the gap during the pandemic and for the future. This series provides tips and tricks to help you navigate this new era of teaching.
Building Your Online Teaching Confidence In The Age Of COVID-19

by Kristina Dzara, PhD, MMSc, Assistant Director, Education and Science Initiatives, Brigham Education Institute; Educational Research Associate, Massachusetts General Hospital; Social Media Strategist, Harvard Macy Institute; Instructor in Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Engaging Your Virtual Audience: Interactive Zoom Presentations

by Subha Ramani, MBBS, PhD, Director, RISE Program, Department of Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Lead, Global Perspectives and Community, BEI

Virtual Education Tips & Innovations: Lessons From The RISE Scholars

Panelists: RISE Scholars (Research, Innovations and Scholarship in Education) Rachel Blair, MD Andrew Lawton, MD Rebecca Sternschein, MD Subha Ramani, MBBS, PhD Erik Alexander, MD Kristina Dzara, PhD, MMSc